Causevest Pledges for February 2021

Hello Heloo ,

Please post your top causes for this month also use the extension to vote for them as well. I will only vote for causes that you recommend to me here this month.




L ondon ’ s A ir A mbulance

London’s Air Ambulance is a charity that provides advanced trauma teams for the capital’s most seriously injured patients.

1. Project Introduction

This article illustrates the reason why we choose “London’s Air Ambulance” to vote.

Project activity background

As for the organization, when time is pressing, London’s Air Ambulance uses helicopters from 08:00 to sunset and responds quickly to cars at night or in bad weather to bring hospitals to patients. They perform innovative procedures normally found in on-site emergency rooms and potentially save lives. The team is made up of senior trauma doctors, paramedics and most mission consultants and can perform open-heart surgery, blood transfusions and general anesthesia at the side of the road.

They provide services for the work and travel of 10 million people in the M25, treating an average of five patients a day. The most common incidents in which they participated included road traffic collisions, stabbings and shootings, falls from high altitude and incidents on the railway network.

They work closely with the NHS, but they are not an NHS organisation. The majority of their service’s running costs are funded by supporters. Please support this cause and they can help more patients with your help.

Project objectives

By providing interventions as soon as possible after injury, they aim to give patients the best chance of survival and the best quality of life after trauma.

The Premise of Feasibility Analysis

Use the Google plug-in product from Causevest and collect the votes.

The Feasibility Analysis of the Helper

The project works with a wide range of groups, drawing on their extensive medical experience and the speed of emergency response. Through air rescue, they can give people immediate help, especially at a time when the New Crown NHS lacks medical capacity.

By working together and supporting each other like this, projects can save lives faster.

Policy Analysis

The government does not impose strict restrictions on philanthropy. Instead, it gives some support.

Feasibility Analysis of Project Proposal

There is Causevest powerful voting block chain plugin technology support, support for the helper will not be abused and misappropriated. It could ensure the fund can be used properly.


In general, the government does not have a draconian policy on this project, and there is Causevest plugin support. Therefore, Qiuhong and Shengdao think it works.

1 Like is a newly launched charity dealing with technological infrastructure. It looks interesting and Esra’a Al-Shafei (who worked on previous good causes and makes the Philanthropissed podcast) is involved.