Causevest Pledges For April ( Post Here)

Please reply to this post with your pledges for this month!

You can read about pledges here Take the Causevest Pledge

You can now complete The Causevest Pledge 2: the vote pledge

Vote trails begin

You can now vote for causes you want to support this month by filling out the form here please note you must be registered on the site and have xcv or your vote to count if you don’t have any XCV please contact support to request some.



Post your pledge on the forum and we will upload it to the sheet(you can do this yourself)

You can see the details of the causes nominated for this month here feel free to add any that you want the community to support this month funds are distributed according to the votes received

My Pledge for this month is Solace:

During this period, victims of domestic abuse are at far greater risk as they are trapped in quarantine with their abuser and the ability to leave/travel is greatly restricted. Abusers are also going to be at a heightened level of frustration/stress that they will take out on the victim.

Solace is doing what they can to support people during this traumatic time.


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#Pledge 2 Completed: I pledge to vote each month for good causes for the Causevest Network to support - this is now possible I have voted

#Pledge 4 Completed:I pledge to audit the actions of a good cause to provide proof - Donation made proof is available

#Pledge 5 Completed: I pledge to promote a cause that I care about- post is below

#Pledge 6 Completed: I pledge to give time or money to a good cause that I care about- Donation made

So this month I made a donations on behalf of the Causevest foundation to

They are a self-help group for people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurogical conditions helping people of all ages.

Hey all. I voted for Lucy’s cause (although I didn’t know it was her’s at the time) I don’t know if I technically own any XCV on xcvesting, but I think my endorsement will have some effect :slight_smile:

As for a cause I think should be supported: Epsilon Theory’s blog has been supporting frontlineheros, as cause focused on getting PPE to medical staff during the pandemic, which seems pretty important with everything that’s been going on.

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