Causevest News Update June

ETH/USD- 1081

XCV/USD- 0.16

BTC /USD 20475

At our last meeting in May I was asked what’s going to happen to Crypto prices. I paused and said BTC has been impressive we expected a much harsher downside due to increasing interest rates however the prices have been stable. If interest rates continue to rise we will continue to asset prices fall alongside a perceived weaker economy and potential recession. However if there is a recovery in the economy we could see a rebound so it’s definitely a space to watch.

Causevest News

Currently starting work on Blockchain fast synch

Platform is getting its final features review

Testing node remote running

Starting work on ICO site update

Foundation site work has begun

Extension update

Next Meetup in July

General News

An interesting story that has gone under the radar a bit and a reminder about why we are in the crypto space to begin with.

Bank of England doing very little good work

They should really try our extension

In crypto news

Interesting developments in Brazil

Poor investment decisions leading to the collapse of crypto funds…

I agree now’s he time to start looking for investment opportunities

Altruistic News

Let us know which causes you want us to support this month

With XCV everything will be visible you’ll see the money flow or not flow

Really interesting read it will ne up to our operators to decide if they want to focus on large causes or smaller individual ones

I love refill shops

I hope this news update finds you well and you have a fantastic week!