Causevest meets with BTX exchange in Bulgaria

Back in January of 2023 we had the pleasure of meeting with Metodi from BTX and he provided us with a list of reputable causes in Bulgaria that we can work with and pre register.

Further more his exchange will become part of our broker network to help facilitate the payment of donations to these causes. You can see the full list below thank you for being so welcoming and we look forward to expanding Causevest Coin to the Bulgarian market when we launch.

  1. BCaus Foundation

  2. “CARE” Foundation

  3. Reach out - Charitable Fund

  4. Treatment fund for children

  5. “Europe” Foundation - help for people with mental disorders

  6. TULIP Foundation

  7. “Hope 2001”

  8. UNICEF Bulgaria, United Nations Children’s Fund, Raising funds for children in

unequal position

  1. Horizons Foundation

  2. Union of the Blind in Bulgaria


  4. Society for the Protection of Animals Plovdiv

  5. Stray animals - resources