Causevest GUI Development Progress

Since last year we have established the work plan for GUI project, we have achieved a phased success so far. This project is vital for Causevest; we wish to build a fantastic wallet for XCV holders. It should be users friendly, secure, easy to operate and functional. To aim in hitting our target, we draft the requirement specification document to explain our demands in detail from varied aspects.

After we published our advert, we arranged several interviews and recruited the suitable developer’s team for GUI project. The team has comprehensive experience in developing of crypto wallet so that we have high expectation for them to deliver our project in good quality.

Starting of the project from communication with us, developers have obtained our viewings and begin to draft the wireframe diagrams. we have settled the final version of wireframe through several rounds of revision to confirm all essential parts are in place.

The next step, and what we are now that is the UI design. After several rounds of negotiation and modification, we finally got a homepage that is more in line with our expectations on display, colour theme and primary functions. They are undertaking the construction of remaining pages design after receiving our checking feedback, nearly completing all initial designs. We will ensure all essential features are there as the first stage and then will turn to our attention on functionality and users’ experiences in next stage.

We look forward to moving on the next step development very soon.


Great Work Your Majesty!

You can see the an introduction to the GUI here

Will hopefully add to the progress here in Queenis stead but we are getting close to alpha release.

GUI / CLI work is progressing smoothly. Major updates have been made to the CLI to make sure it integrates smoothly with the GUI and the GUI itself has begun to resemble the screens shown above. Currently, you can create an account, set your password and see your balance. Soon you will be able to stake and send your coins as well,

I’ll post another UX update next week.

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GUI / CLI update:

  • Work on vaults has begin…Vault addresses, vault sending and reverting unvaulting transactions

  • The address book has been created.

  • Better node information

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GUI update:
*Work on causes, cause creation and cause voting has been started
*Vaults are continuing to be developed
*Bug fixes and other general improvements

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GUI work:

  • Cause functionality improved
  • Voting functionality improved
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I’ve made a quick video on the current state of the GUI alpha. We’ve made a lot of progress, but there’s still a long way to go.

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Lots of work has been done on the GUI and we are moving towards our alpha release! Notifications and transaction history are being cleaned up and ready to go. Vaults, voting, causes, and nominees are implemented. We’ll be releasing something this year.

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Added Activist and Government categories.