Causevest Extension Bounty


To get 100 XCV, you just need to register at with the referral code EXT100, install and use the extension which you can download [here].(Causevest - Chrome Web Store)

This offer lasts until the 1st of April, just before our exchange listing.

There is only enough for 1000 people. Get it while it lasts.

Instructions in detail

To claim your XCV follow these steps step 1

Step 1

First go to and register a new account in the referral code box enter EXT100.

Bounty instructions 1

Step 2

Second, install the chrome extension by downloading it from Causevest - Chrome Web Store

Bounty 2

Remember, you can always hide the adverts in the settings page if they annoy you, but they do generate more XCV for you.

Step 3

Finally, use the extension to vote for a cause you care about! Once for the month, we will credit you with even more xcv. If you manage to vote a second time, we will give you even more.

Bounty 3

Please follow this link to give us feedback on the extension and register for the bounty rewards

That’s all there is too it.

Welcome to the Causevest community, our hope is to create money with meaning and we are grateful to have you join us on this journey.

Extension post - Causevest's Chrome Browser Extension is live!