Causevest Conversations EP 1: UBI vs UBW introducing Proof Of Cause

Causevest Conversation episode 1:

In our first Causevest conversation we speak about the work we are currently completing n the backend of the causevest protocol around our incentive mechanism proof of cause (POC).

Proof of Cause image

We also go on to discuss our opinions of the Universal Basic Income and our idea of a Universal Basic Wage for work completed our proof of cause mechanism

This was the goal highlighted on Page 28 of our original white paper we briefly highlight the objectives of our work.

The Proof of Cause system rewards users outside of simply running nodes, so that cryptocurrency adopters who are less technically proficient can still be actively involved in new coin generation.

The ultimate goal is a decentralised voting mechanism that rewards operators for their work.

Next we discuss technical overview underpinning the system then we end the meeting and get back to work!

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