Causevest Bounty Campaign - will be updated

The Causevest Coin Bounty Campaign- will be updated

About Us
  • Causevest Coin (XCV) is a new cryptocurrency built on a participatory budgeting blockchain where coin holders vote to decide which causes should receive the networks transaction fees.

  • We are building a protocol that incorporates some of the original ideas suggested by the bitcoin development team but never implemented.

  • We are currently raising funds through a ERC20 - XCV token to pay primarily for protocol development. Whether you are interested in helping others, making an investment return or both, we invite you to join the Causevest Network.

Learn more about Causevest on our Whitepaper, FAQ and guides page`

About You

We want people who are interested in the ideology behind the project to form a strong community. There are lots of different jobs you can get involved in to earn some coins. So if you are joining the bounty campaign, we encourage you to show us the causes you care about or at least take that into consideration going forward.

Bounty Summary: £300,000 worth of coins available for you to earn.

Purchase Offers
Referral bounty
Translation Bounty
Telegram Bounty
Facebook Bounty
YouTube Bounty
Forum Bounty
Blog Post Bounty
Image Creation Bounty
Innovation Bounty
Cause Registration Bounty

Our bounty campaign is a little bit different

Every 4 weeks we donate network revenue to causes listed on the network. To do this we need to buy XCV from coin holders like you. Any user with VIP status can ask to sell their XCV back to the network at the highest market price.

Become a VIP member: VIP members have the right to sell up to 50,000 coins back to the Causevest Network at the best possible price once every 4 weeks.

(Criteria) To become a VIP member you need to have owned at least 1,500,000 XCV in that period or be nominated by the community as a valued member for your contributions towards the network.

General rules

• You cannot trade your earned coins until the Soft Cap is reached.

• You must have a registered a valid ETH Wallet and email to receive your Tokens and bonuses at

• If you are spotted abusing our system in any way, you will forfeit your coins and these will be donated to a validated cause

Purchase Sales Bonuses and Offers

These are the general bonuses that you can obtain alongside any purchases of XCV

The pre sale bonus is currently 35% declining periodically you can buy coins by following this link

You will receive a referral link by email if anyone uses your referral code to make a purchase. You and the investor willinvestor receive an additional 1% on any coin purchases

All of the following bonuses can be combined

Pre Sale Bonus

To be eligible you must buy a minimum of 100 XCV. This would get you an extra 35XCV

Social Media Offer

Task- Register on all social media platforms at time of reading this post and post below once you are done. The first 2000 people to register get 1-100 XCV generated randomly and purchased on your behalf.

Cause Registry Offer

Register up to 3 causes for free and receive 5-500 XCV

Innovation Offer

Suggest an innovative fix, idea, concept that benefits the Causevest Network. If implemented you will receive up 500-200000 XCV

Node Bonus

We rely on early node operators to support the network so we offer a 204% Pa return on your holdings*

Stacked Node Bonus 5%

Requires a minimum of 10000 XCV to run.
You must register your wallet on the registration form and the website with a minimum of 10000 XCV purchased to receive your bonus tokens.

Archive node Bonus 15%

Requires a minimum of 100,000 XCV to run.
You must register your wallet on the registration form and the website with a minimum purchase of 100000 XCV to receive your bonus tokens.

How to apply:
Register here to be eligible for these bonuses -

*Please refer to our whitepaper or investor guide for the details on nodes profitability.

Translation Campaign


Only one position is available per language, translation must be original and it has to cover both website and white paper whitepaper. You must reserve the language and the work you intend to do. This will then be sent to you.

Languages Needed:
Chinese (mandarin), Japanese, Russian , Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic We are open to other Language suggestions available.


Each translator that is selected will be awarded with 10,500 coins for both the website & the white paper.

How to apply:
(fill the google form here (link to a google doc for the registration form→

Telegram Lottery

If you Love Telegram chats then this bounty is for you! Come join us here!


No spamming, you must stay in the group until the end of fundraise, you must be proactive, send at least 10 messages within the bounty period or act in the best interest of the community. Telegram: Join Group Chat


Joining Bonus

Eligible for the first 5,000 registrants
Each participant will be rewarded with 5 coins per user.

Buyers Purchase Bonus

1 user each week will receive 1000 XCV as a stackable bonus to any XCV they have already purchased.

Telegram Lottery:

Eligible for the first 30,000 registrants Eligible 1 user will receive 1,000,000 XCV and instant VIP status. User will be picked once Softcap is reached. The user must donate 25% of this XCV to a validated Cause.

How to apply:
Join the telegram group here (Telegram: Join Group Chat) and fill the Google form here (link to a Google doc for the registration form→

Youtube Campaign

Our Channel

Handy with a camera ? Edit videos in your sleep? then our YouTube bounty offers might be for you.

Register a cause and create a promotional video for it.

Passionate about a particular cause? Well you can see examples in our channel. Your videos will be posted on the Causevest Platform (Currently in Development). Tell the world why members of the Causevet network should be supporting the cause/cause you support and thank those who do in advanced.


500XCV per successful video for the first 25 Causes from each category. 4500 XCV for each video that receives 1000 or more views the quality of the videos and the script must link to Causevest as shown in the example videos.


500 XCV coins

Review/Promote Causevest Coin (XCV)

Our coin has a lot of features, some complex some simple. Feel free to share some of them with the world. Highlight an aspect of the Causevest Network that you like and promote it on YouTube video. Or a topic linked to Causevest such as participatory budgeting or effective altruism.


The video quality must be at least 720 pixels.


2,500 XCV coins for a successful video with an extra 4500 XCV for any video that obtains 1000 or more views.

How to apply:
(fill the google form here (link to a google doc for the registration form→

Facebook Campaign

Promote our company and community via facebook. Find any good causes on facebook? get people to give us the big thumb up? Already have a large network? why not put it to use?

Simply write up a post promoting Causevest to investors or people to like our page on facebook.

  • List item

You have to like the official Causevest’s Facebook page here(Causevest - Startpagina | Facebook).

The account should be in existence for a year minimum

Needs to have minimum 250 friends.

Post must be visible for public.

You must post at least once a week during the campaign period until the medium cap is reached.

Causevest Forum Pioneers

Raising publicity for causes, discussing interesting topics and helping to expand the community. Register here -

100,000 coins available for this campaign with 20 coins available for each post.

How to apply:
(fill the google form here (link to a google doc for the registration form→

Blog/Tumblr Campaign

To help promote our company and community on your blog. All you need to do is talk about what we do and how it interests you.


Blog/Tumblr must be at least 6 months old.
Articles must have proper grammar and must be readable.
Blog must be visible to the public.
Links to company’s website and forum must be available in the post.


200-500 words: 5,000 coins
500-1000 words: 10,000 coins
1000 words <: 20,000 coins

How to apply:
(fill the google form here (link to a google doc for the registration form→

Image Challenge

Do you have an eye for a beautiful image or have a way to make complex things seem simple or funny ? Then let’s see what you can do create some funny images or adverts for Causevest and get rewarded just post them in the forum. The top 5 selected will get 2500 XCV each

Positive meme + Causevest logo + sharing on Facebook, Twitter (with website link – 9 stakes

Instagram image with Causevest logo + tags (#causevest or #withcause / #causevest_ico / #causevest_platform) + website link (

Closing Statement

Ok i hope you found something here that lets you easily get involved with our community. Causevest Coin is really about you. We want to know what causes you believe in and we are building a network that empowers you to actually make a difference instead of just holding coins for speculative purposes only. We also need operators, brokers and traders to join us but we will update this bounty list as we go along. We look forward to having you join the Causevest Community.