Causes for IDP camps children with educational supplies

I am registering my cause for IDP (Internal Displaced Persons) camps children in the Northern part of Nigeria. I was opportune to go one of the IDP (Internal Displaced Persons) camps in Maiduguri Nigeria last year, I was moved to tears at the state of health and most importantly education. I have once experienced war while I was young I know the challenge that comes with it. While I was young I had to move from one town to another which really affected the progress of my education and health. In most IDP camps in the Northern part of Nigeria although there is a provision of health facilities and classes. It is however not equipped enough, children need the education to avoid wars which in turn improve the economy of the country. Little children need educational books to lighten and brighten their minds at a tender age. This cause will go a long way in improving lives of little kids to learn to read and write.
The keeping it real foundation helps children from the Northern part of Nigeria by providing for education supplies to students. To further help children from this part of the country I would love to register this cause.
This is the website The contact number is +2348182816606, email is

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Please provide a website so we know what specific cause, contact information for payments would be nice as well

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Yes poor Empress has to input this data into a file and it’s missing the data laid our clearly in the instructions here Register Your Cause Fast!

I have filled out the form now. Thanks