Cause: Children in Poverty

The cause that I would like to bring to everyones attention is less fortunate children in 3rd world countries. This topic can be overlooked in many aspects and the campaign launched by Unicef would very beneficial for those less fortunate than us. The reason behind why I have chosen this topic to discuss is essentially due to individuals that take life for granted. There are many children that need our help and that is what Unicef can provide. Unicef plan to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe with the following aspects which are essential for children. This will include Life saving food, keeping children safe with regular vacations and a proper education. A one-off donation or pledge a monthly gift can be the difference between a Childs wellbeing. The following details such as the the official unicef website for more information, my username and email address is as follows;

Username: Karthur11

Website: Unicef