Blog Post: Why they call me the Nigerian Prince of Integrity!

  • Sometimes I automatically get labelled as a scammer purely based on my race


  • It slows down the progress of our project but my hope is that will change

  • Malcolm Oluwasanmi is not a scammer if you get contacted by him you’re being blessed by the Causevest Prince Of Integrity!


I have actually gotten used to being automatically labelled as scammer just based on my race and heritage. When a cause that has been pledged for by the causevest community wins the votes that happen at the end of every voting period. It comes down to me ,as the only live operator for now, to contact and send the funds to the chosen cause.

not a scammer 2

Whenever a cause gets suspicious of my attempts to contribute towards them. We add them to the Causevest Prince list (internal joke only) but we do like to keep note.

What made me stop marketing early days was the experience of publically be labelled a scammer. I was very much disheartened to hear that my name alone meant i was being judged in the sector that I love.

The guy does admit that he incorrectly racial profiles me and that I was not a scammer but you had to actually read through the text to find the comment. It was a big shock to my system.

Normally its a generic suspicion or shock and suprise when the payment actually arrives. Sometimes there are delays as i have to convert the XCV into GBP or the causes local currency.

Now i do understand that Nigeria is known for its 419 scam artists and maybe I deserve to be punished for their actions but I have to stick up for my name and try to protect our brand.

I know for a fact one of the reason my team has lasted for so long and done so well with so little it that i have been tried and tested and known to hold the highest levels of integrity in everything that I do. My hope is when someone searches Malcolm Oluwasanmi it says Malcolm Oluwasanmi a man of integrity a name you can trust… i can dream right xD

So please if you get the knock at your door and the prince is Malcolm Oluwasanmi know that hes Black British citizen in the UK of Nigerian Heritage and that your safe.

So send that shout out video if your reading this wondering if the random black guy trying to send you money is real or its too good to be true.

I was scammed by two white men in italy …but thats another story.

Thanks for reading

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