Blog Post: Banks Closing Charity Accounts Its Time To Give Yourself More Options

Barclays Bank strikes again.

A growing number of charities and community groups had their bank accounts frozen recently in the UK and where forced like Friends of Animals Wales to plead on social media for support.

With a joint charities commision statement backed by the government its clear that the issue is wide spread.

Letter to Chief Executives of UK Banks - GOV.UK

This action by Barclays meant that bills where missed , costs incurred and no compensation offered though I’m sure they will be able to complain to the financial ombudsman.
I would like to bring attention to a post I wrote in 2020

Specifically section 2 on wealth protection i talk about my personal experience with Barclays bank many years ago.

What I really want to highlight is the desperate need for charitable enterprises to migrate into alternative financial systems to protect their stakeholders as mentioned in our causes guide

While we advocate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,Causevest Coin was purpose built to support great causes, charities and their stakeholders.

It is a good reminder for everyone that if a charity dedicated to helping disabled people can have their bank accounts frozen on a whim that it can happen to you the reasons and the excuses don’t matter the fact is citizens don’t have control over their own money which in truth means that they are not secure.

Lets be honest no charities will be closing their bank accounts any time soon but nothing is stopping them from adopting and earning in the crypto currency space that way when your bank accounts are frozen again for any reason you will have options.

Causevest offers a set of unique services to charities and causes

  1.   An independent decentralised payment network
  2.   Bespoke Broker services to causes to execute payments
  3.   Defi Lending facilities
  4.   Tailored advice
  5.   Fiat/crypto donation on ramping
  6.   And More!

If you are a charity and you want to know more about partnering with Causevest or crypto in general on a confidential and accessible level then don’t hesitate to get in touch with anyone from our team.

We built the Causevest Network to provide a reliable way to support causes around the world sustainably.

We will be launching our coins test net and pre sale in early 2024 if you would like to take part please join our telegram channel