A look into the world of NFTs with Lee Mason

NFTs with Lee Mason

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Lee by one of my team mates Zee. He is a prominent artist and designer. I went to see him at Agile on Tap NFT and more on the 1st of December.

(Proof I do go outside from time to time)

At Causevest we have a history of supporting artists so its only natural that we would enter the NFT space at some one so I appreciated the opportunity to get first hand experience.



You can see an example of some of his work in the above links.

Some take away points that really interested me

  1. The idea of inheritance - One thing that struck me from the event was the idea that assets linked to a blockchain could be inherited more easily with less involvement from a third party or arbitrator.

  2. Lots of places to List - There seem to be a large number of places to list NFT art assets helping to reduce the cost of entry into the market.

  3. Customised items - One of Lees pieces involved a VR reality item that was actually customised to include items that the purchaser wanted. I found this quite novel and actually cool

  4. Revenue- The ability for an artist to constantly have a share of the income of a sale of the NFT even after it was sold is extremely cool!

  5. History repeats - I have seen much of this before in different forms from the million dollar website to Crypto Kittens ect ect however it never stops to amaze me how even though things are the same they still innovate and apply themselves differently. A reminder to learn from the past to look for opportunities but also a warning that history repeats itself.

Something I didn’t agree with

There is this constant assumption that because something is good that it is anti capitalist. I do not agree with the assumption that the Bitcoin movement is an anti capitalist movement in fact I would argue that it has given many people their first taste of capitalism. The opportunity to partake in capitalism is often taken away from the poor under the guise of protecting them from risk for the first time many people are participating in exercising their right to own and trade their private property… but this is a debate for another time.

Overall it was a great event and I learnt alot! I recommend you visit and look at more of his stuff.

Here are some of the sites he mentioned during the event to list NFTS