4th July Meetup Luke Jack Music & Causevest

Jamming with Luke Jack Music

So this post is looking at our last meetup in London. We covered some interesting topics i was handed a list of questions that people needed to know. Then had am amazing live performance from one of our cases and even got to test out a smart contract. Some of the videos can be found below.


Case Study/ Event Summary -

So the first bit was technical and then we did a case study of a good cause and how it would fit on our ledger we then had that cause come in and perform live.

Initial topics covered-

  • Regulation

  • How the Blockchain space has changed over the years

  • What’s bringing people back into the space

  • Fundamental Analysis

Got to meet some people from many years ago. Who i can add to the list of " I wish i had listened to you back then Malcolm"


Luke Jack is an up and coming artist that has recently joined the Causevest network

He came to perform at our Causevest London Community meetup.


I recorded this on my mobile and I was dancing so apologies for the moving camera. He is playing acoustic.

YOU Gota help me seriously got me dancing xD

For more information about visit his Instagram and Facebook pages:

You can support him and other artists like him by registering to join the Causevest Community or subscribe to him directly on the Causvest.io platform (When it’s finished being built)

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Till next time :wink: