The First Newsletter - The Great Rotation

Super Summary

So in this months newsletter which can be found in the link below I cover the most recent updates and introduce the concept of the great rotation.

You can read the full thing here

  • Protocol survived its first night with fully operational nodes

  • Platform being designed and browser extension being built

  • Promo Videos Are Complete!

  • Causevest Cornavirus response has an impact

  • Causevest user pledges and votes trials begin

  • The Great Rotation from bonds to…

    **The Great Rotation**


Since the 2007/08 financial crisis there has been increased talk of “The Great Rotation”. That is in theory the major movement from safe bonds and into the stock market on the basis that low interest rates and an increased money supply force rational investor to reallocate assets into riskier and hopefully productive investments.

Economists around the world justify these policies essentially hoping that those who are currently wealthy holding assets like stocks can then reallocate their wealth better than those who do not. This top down approach to wealth reallocation is written about in our whitepaper unfortunately as Japan has taught us over the last 2 decades this is not the case.

The assumption is always that this rotation will be primarily into stocks and we disagree. Stocks are highly regulated, costly and inefficient assets to hold for retail investors. You might find that the cost to transfer your ownership is more expensive then the value of the individual shares themselves.

For retail investors truly owning, moving and profiting from direct share ownership is not easy. So much so that the narrative has quietly changed into retail investors rotating into “equity funds” instead where there is no direct ownership. However, this opposite is true with crypto currencies.

For all their flaws and all the doom and gloom over the past 11 years crypto currencies are still here! Not only that it has been retail investors that have been profiting from their growth.

Which is one of the reasons we have created the Causevest Network we believe a new bottom up approach to resource allocation where everyone regardless of wealth can participate needs to be developed and we are making Causevest Coin to do it.

Thank you for continuing with us on this journey.