Starting Fulltime Work on the Causevest Protocol!

This is supposed to be a monthly update, but it’s turned into a 6 month review. In the first half of 2022, we’ve:

  • Rebuilt the internal state trie to fix long term issues. We’re now working on a fast sync option that will allow quickly syncing even a large number of blocks

  • The state Trie rebuild has also opened the door to a light client protocol, although an implementation of this is not part of the alpha release.

  • Built and integrated a notifications system so the keychain and GUI can register a notifications endpoint and receive real time push notifications about incoming transactions and other effects.

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Will press you for more regular updates.

Hey everyone. Work has been continuing on the Causevest Protocol. We’re currently working on fast sync - the ability to quickly sync a large number of blocks and catch up to the tip of the chain as securely as possible. This is complicated, but it should be possible and will make running you own node a lot easier

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Defo worth the time and effort well done!

Hello Everyone,

Work on fast sync is continuing. Major progress has been made but fast sync in a complicated construct and much of the infrastructure supporting it had yet to be implemented. Still, it will be done this month. Once it is working, syncing your node will be a breeze.

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Another update everyone.

Fast sync work has been paused to focus on rebuilding the voting system, moving votes from the transaction msgscript field into the transaction output itself. This change, although technical, is necessary to smooth the voting user interface. With votes happening on the transaction level, certain transactions would always break the vote and require the user to re-vote after they have confirmed. With the vote script and sigs moved to the txoutput, this is no longer the case and the user should always be constantly voting with any coins in their possession.