Petrishia in action for children!

Introduction about me:
I am Petrishia, from India. My interest to help for a child’s welfare arises from seeing many lives that are still in poverty, especially being brought up in a rural place in India, it became one of my passions and responsibilities to care for the life of children. Upon completing my undergraduate in India, I moved to the United Kingdom to pursue my Masters, where I was surprised to see many children suffers in poverty. This made me take decision that I must continue to do my help for child even in the UK

Childhood poverty:

More than 10% of child in UK lives in poverty. The poverty level has been increased over time in the UK. Failing to address child’s poverty leads to affect the life of an child. Many charities and many government policies have come up to decrease the poverty line.

Childhood trust:

About the company:

The childhood trust funds grassroot charities and their projects to reduce the impact of child poverty in London. Childhood trust raises fund with best initiatives and projects. The funds are raised primarily through online fundraising campaigns and fundraising partnership. The company have donated average factor of 4.69 and have generated £11.3m through campaigns.

What childhood trust mainly focus on:

The company makes grant to proven charities that are working directly with disadvantaged children. The main focus is on to meet children’s practical needs, supporting children’s emotional needs and inspiring children with new experience and opportunities.


On the 17th oct 2018, the childhood trust in partnership with the LSE student union’s UN society hosted the London child poverty summit. This helped to bring people working with children who are in poverty, frontline project workers, third sector leaders, local MP’s and other stakeholders. This happened in order to increase the response level of child poverty in the capital from the third sector services.

Importance of charity:

Everyone must be aware of charity, especially for the purpose of child charity, which can help a child’s life right from the early stage. By creating an environment to generously provide for the welfare of the supportless child. By dropping money in the charity boxes, by providing food for them are some of the ways to contribute to the children. Giving is more impactful than anything. Giving has the purpose to fulfill and satisfies the needs of others.

My contribution and what made me donate for charity:

Many children in various part of the world is affected by some kind of poverty. Due to the highly unaffordable condition of the family, the child end up not having proper education and even food. One of the places in India where I came across a girl who is taking care of flocks of ducks, when I went ahead and spoke to her I was overwhelmed with tears and got to know that she had never gone to school and only have food in one time a day. This was just one, there were many children in the same village with no parents, no food, no water, no education. That was the moment i decided to contribute my part for a good cause. Through my church in UK i sponsor a child in Uganda every month for her education, food and importantly for her bright future.

How causevest helps to support causes:

Causevest network is made of many individual parties, but the causevest network is designed to help easy way of giving and support a good cause such as childhood trust. This leads to grow community and result in donating for more good causes. Having the same concept of giving for the poor, childhood trust can partner with the causevest to provide for good causes to save lives of many children in their early stage.