Cows In Switzerland New White paper

Cows In Switzerland and our new White paper


So our new website is coming soon and out new platform as well. Finally our infrastructure is on its way with that our white paper is a bit out of date and will get a content update. For example it assumed we would one day have a digital giving platform and now we do. But this post is all about these new designs and the story behind them.
I give you the Causevest Cows.

So long story short i had just come back from the Zoo in Basel and was out in a field minding my own business writing the first draft to what would eventually become the Causevest Network White Paper out of the blue i found myself surrounded by cows. Unlike the animals in the Zoo they were curious and excited to see me and thought that my notebook looked delicious they eventually lay with me as i wrote the white paper by hand. It was an almost magical experience and in a weird way cemented my love for nature and my desire to connect our technology with something that has a real tangible lasting impact on the world that we live in.